Top 3 Popular Chatting Apps Among Teenagers

Top 3 Popular Chatting Apps Among Teenagers

Instant messaging and chatting apps make communication very easy between people. Teenagers in particular are very fond of these apps. There are plenty to choose from. In this article we look into the most popular chatting apps among teens.



This is the instant messaging application that no introduction at all. WhatsApp has been around for a few years and we all know that it is the most widely used IM service. The way WhatsApp works is very simple. You need to install the app then set it up using your phone number. The app then scans your contact list and lets you chat with everyone else who is also using WhatsApp. More than 700 million of people worldwide use WhatsApp. You can send text, videos, voice notes, images, documents, contacts, location, etc using WhatsApp. It also allows you to make video calls. It truly is one great application.



There is no denying that iMessage is an exceptionally popular instant messaging app. This app is available exclusively on Apple devices including iOS and Mac OS. Although we have WhatsApp which offers cross platform compatibility, iMessage is still hugely popular among the iPhone users. This app also allows you to send text messages or share videos, pictures, and voice notes. If you need to make a video call, iMessage will launch FaceTime for you. iMessage does not trump WhatsApp in terms of total number of users but if you only take the iOS users into account, it is a tough competitor.


Kik Messenger:

There was a time very recently when only WhatsApp and iMessage were the names we get to hear of. The times have changed. Today, we have more instant messaging applications and one of them is Kik app. This app is being used by millions of users already and is becoming increasingly popular by day. Kik packs a number of features you will not find in other apps. For instance, it has a group feature that allows you to create groups. People can search the group and join it. You can create groups based on interests. It is a great app to have. Here, we have too many apps but Kik gets top position among all. We have too many reasons for it like if someone has not smartphone but wish to use Kik then he can download Kik for PC version using android Emulator.

WeChat :

WeChat is also another Popular name in the list of best chatting applications. It packs a lots of significant features that grabs attention of users. Through the app, users can send and receive text, voice and videos as well without any interruption. It works over Internet connection and is available for all the running mobile operating systems. If one want to use it on computer, then he needs to download any Android emulator on system.

Conclusion :

There are several popular chatting apps available in the market but we chose only most used and well functioning apps. You won’t need to spend extra bucks for using these apps, you just require an internet connection. Here, we found Kik best app amongst all because of its advance features.

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