Top 5 Applications for Making Video Calls for Free

Top 5 Applications for Making Video Calls for Free

Hi there, today we are going to talk about the top 5 video calling applications. The selected apps we have found are totally free for everyone. These video calling apps are the best solution for people who are far away from their loved ones, and these apps can also be used for business purpose such as video interview, video conference etc.

So, here are the following top 5 video calling apps.

  1. Facetime 


Facetime is very popular app for video calling available only on iOS devices. The app features video calling, audio and texting as well. Facetime only runs on WiFi network, so you can’t use the app while using your own mobile data. It is easily available on App Store. Now, users can download Facetime on Android device easily using any Android emulator.

  1. Skype


We cannot forget about the Skype when it comes to free video calling apps. Skype is the best example of social video calling and business video calling, where you can talk to a group of people simultaneously. It allows the users to make video calling with texting, and you can also send document files to the person on the other end. Skype also has cheap calling rates if you want to call mobile or landlines.

  1. Viber


Viber has a very attractive user interface, which provides more interesting features such as stickers, emoji etc. You can call anyone on Viber for free, and it also allows us to make video calls for free. The supports most of the operating systems, and easily available on Windows, iOS and Android.

  1. Google Hangouts


Google Hangouts is one the very popular video calling apps, which is available for most of the operating systems. The app allows you to make video calling same as Facetime. Besides the video calling, it also features texting and gmail conversation with other people. You can get the app from App Store and Google Play.

  1. Tango


Tango is also same as the above mentioned video calling apps. It also has texting and audio features, which are for free. We are telling you about this app because it also provide free video calling feature, so you can your family and friends for free. Tango is available on Google Play and App Store.

I hope you liked the article, and got the answer of your question. These are best application we managed to find. Please keep visiting us for more information and useful articles.


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