Best Alternatives to GarageBand App

Best Alternatives to GarageBand App

GarageBand is an application which supports music creation.  You can sing along without instruments and it can support you with the instruments.  You can prepare your own Drumbeats and you can tinker with the existing music if you want to.  This is the most popular App in the world of music and for music enthusiasts.  With features of Live Loop and Drumbeat you can create and share your music on the Internet in matter of moments.  There are alternatives to this App if you so choose and we can take a look a few of the alternatives to GarageBand App.

  • Nano Studio: As the name suggests it is like your own little Audio creation studio. This is the most popular alternative to the GarageBand App on iPhones.  It has a charge of $6.99 though. Nano Studio is another good alternative of Garageband for windows 10.


  • SoundPrism: This App is totally free although it may not have all the features that you may get in the NanoStudio App.  However, this App is quite popular with the amateur users on the iPhone platform.


  • BeatWave: This is another free App for the amateur users.  This is a quite capable and stable App and has enough to support the needs of a casual user.


  • Music Studio: Music Studio is another powerful App with all kinds of sophisticated features. The price is on the higher side though and may be useful for semi-professional set up. It has a cost of $14.99 associated with it. Music studio is also nice if you can’t use garageband on PC.


  • Figure: Figure is another free application which is suitable for entry level music creation. This application has limitations but is good enough for those for whom Music is a hobby which they follow in weekends etc.


  • Beat Maker: This is one of the most happening Music Applications that you will come across.  More costlier BeatMaker2 is now available for the iPhone.

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