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Top 3 Popular Chatting Apps Among Teenagers

Top 3 Popular Chatting Apps Among Teenagers

Instant messaging and chatting apps make communication very easy between people. Teenagers in particular are very fond of these apps. There are plenty to choose from. In this article we look into the most popular chatting apps among teens.



This is the instant messaging application that no introduction at all. WhatsApp has been around for a few years and we all know that it is the most widely used IM service. The way WhatsApp works is very simple. You need to install the app then set it up using your phone number. The app then scans your contact list and lets you chat with everyone else who is also using WhatsApp. More than 700 million of people worldwide use WhatsApp. You can send text, videos, voice notes, images, documents, contacts, location, etc using WhatsApp. It also allows you to make video calls. It truly is one great application.



There is no denying that iMessage is an exceptionally popular instant messaging app. This app is available exclusively on Apple devices including iOS and Mac OS. Although we have WhatsApp which offers cross platform compatibility, iMessage is still hugely popular among the iPhone users. This app also allows you to send text messages or share videos, pictures, and voice notes. If you need to make a video call, iMessage will launch FaceTime for you. iMessage does not trump WhatsApp in terms of total number of users but if you only take the iOS users into account, it is a tough competitor.


Kik Messenger:

There was a time very recently when only WhatsApp and iMessage were the names we get to hear of. The times have changed. Today, we have more instant messaging applications and one of them is Kik app. This app is being used by millions of users already and is becoming increasingly popular by day. Kik packs a number of features you will not find in other apps. For instance, it has a group feature that allows you to create groups. People can search the group and join it. You can create groups based on interests. It is a great app to have. Here, we have too many apps but Kik gets top position among all. We have too many reasons for it like if someone has not smartphone but wish to use Kik then he can download Kik for PC version using android Emulator.

WeChat :

WeChat is also another Popular name in the list of best chatting applications. It packs a lots of significant features that grabs attention of users. Through the app, users can send and receive text, voice and videos as well without any interruption. It works over Internet connection and is available for all the running mobile operating systems. If one want to use it on computer, then he needs to download any Android emulator on system.

Conclusion :

There are several popular chatting apps available in the market but we chose only most used and well functioning apps. You won’t need to spend extra bucks for using these apps, you just require an internet connection. Here, we found Kik best app amongst all because of its advance features.

Twitter’s Periscope Lets You Livestream Your World

Twitter’s Periscope Lets You Livestream Your World

Periscope is a name that hardly needs any introduction today. This app allows you to live stream yourself over the internet anywhere and anytime. This app is now owned by Twitter and can be used on iOS and Android devices. As long as you have the internet connection, you can live stream your world from your mobile device. You could be surfing over the mighty waves of an ocean or just driving along the road, you can create a broadcast for yourself. If you are having a birthday party at home and want the world to see it, Periscope is the app for you. But, that is not it. You can use periscope to see the broadcast of the other people as well as long as they have made their broadcast public.


Periscope already has millions of subscribers and the number is only increasing every day. You must have noticed that going live has become a recent trend on social media. People are going live on Facebook and other social media platforms. It is not just the celebrities that are going live but also the normal people like us who love to broadcast their world to the world.

While Periscope is available only for mobile devices, there is a workaround to get Periscope for computer as well. You will need to install an Android emulator, like BlueStacks, for this purpose.

Your Periscope broadcasts could be public as well as private. The public broadcast is the one that anyone can see whether or not they are in your list. However, if you want to limit the broadcast only to a specific set of people, you can make it private. The broadcast videos are saved only for 24 hours after which they are deleted from the server automatically.

You need to download the app on your mobile device and then create a log in. Although Periscope is now owned by Twitter, they still have different log in credentials. However, you can use Twitter login to log in to this app. In fact, you can also use Facebook login for the same purpose.

What is Shareit? How does it work

What is Shareit? How does it work

ShareIt is an app for very fast transfer of files between your computer and mobile devices running under Android, iOS or Windows Phone. The only requirement is connected to the same local network to the device “seeing” and communicates with each other. Same configuration and data transfer is very fast and is a great way to ripping information.

From your Smartphone or tablet to your computer (each subsequent use of the program does not require the boot configuration, so that data transfer is actually may be faster than the anchoring device cable ; at least in the case of smaller files, eg. single images or songs).


How Does ShareIT Work

Although the application was created by Lenovo, one of the leading manufacturers of laptops and tablets, the program runs smoothly on the hardware of any brand. Importantly, there are also additional constraints stemming from the fact that we use the program on a device that has not been manufactured by Lenovo; ShareIt is simply a fully functional and independent application.

Shareit has very interesting, minimalist interface. The setup process is limited to a minimum usage and consists in identifying the recording folder of files, assigning the device name and selects an avatar that will represent them; to choose from several fun graphics.

The choice of an avatar is of considerable importance, if we assume that in the future we will transfer data between devices, which in our network will also deal: graphics help easily identify the appropriate device in the range to which we want to send the files.

Once the configuration is completed, the application interface consists mainly of two buttons: sending and receiving data. We need to choose the right to perform interesting us share.


If you send files and indicate the target device in range, whereas in the case of receiving, wait for the call is initiated from another device (eg. From an application on your smartphone).


An inseparable element of the program is its choice of smartphone, as it works with Ios, Android as well as Windows phone. Which is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone?


Best Alternatives to GarageBand App

Best Alternatives to GarageBand App

GarageBand is an application which supports music creation.  You can sing along without instruments and it can support you with the instruments.  You can prepare your own Drumbeats and you can tinker with the existing music if you want to.  This is the most popular App in the world of music and for music enthusiasts.  With features of Live Loop and Drumbeat you can create and share your music on the Internet in matter of moments.  There are alternatives to this App if you so choose and we can take a look a few of the alternatives to GarageBand App.

  • Nano Studio: As the name suggests it is like your own little Audio creation studio. This is the most popular alternative to the GarageBand App on iPhones.  It has a charge of $6.99 though. Nano Studio is another good alternative of Garageband for windows 10.


  • SoundPrism: This App is totally free although it may not have all the features that you may get in the NanoStudio App.  However, this App is quite popular with the amateur users on the iPhone platform.


  • BeatWave: This is another free App for the amateur users.  This is a quite capable and stable App and has enough to support the needs of a casual user.


  • Music Studio: Music Studio is another powerful App with all kinds of sophisticated features. The price is on the higher side though and may be useful for semi-professional set up. It has a cost of $14.99 associated with it. Music studio is also nice if you can’t use garageband on PC.


  • Figure: Figure is another free application which is suitable for entry level music creation. This application has limitations but is good enough for those for whom Music is a hobby which they follow in weekends etc.


  • Beat Maker: This is one of the most happening Music Applications that you will come across.  More costlier BeatMaker2 is now available for the iPhone.
Best Applications for Editing Personal Videos on Computer

Best Applications for Editing Personal Videos on Computer

We all make videos, and want to share our favorite video with other people using social media but sometimes we don’t want people to see or hear some specific things in our videos. Then we start looking for applications/software to edit the videos, so we can share it with other people. Aftermath, we end up downloading some useless and paid apps, which don’t even worth of downloading or paying a single penny.

So, we are going to share some apps/software, which can be used to edit videos on PC. Please have a look on these apps.


Corel VideoStudio Pro X9


Corel VideoStudio Pro X9 is same the famous video editing app iMovie for windows. Most of the features of Corel are same as the features of iMovie. The app allows us to do creative video editing, and we can also put some advanced video effects in our videos while editing. Although Corel VideoStudio Pro X9 is a paid application but you can also download the trial version this app to try.

Please click the link to download trial version of Corel VideoStudio Pro X9 -

Final Cut Pro X


Final Cut Pro X is one of the best video editing software for pc available in the market. Cupertino is the developer of this application, the applications is loaded with amazing features such as magnetic timeline, audition features etc. It also allows you to have direct access to the content library.

Please click the link to download Final Cut Pro X for free trial-

iMotion HD


iMotion HD doesn’t compromise with the video quality, and provides HD edited videos. It has got some amazing features including time lapse and stop motion videos. After the editing, you can share it with your friends on social media. You can directly download the app from Apple App Store.

Windows Live Movie Maker


I really like this movie maker as it is very easy to use. The app allows us to edit the videos in less time than the other apps. Its interface is user friendly, so users find it more easy to use. You can save your edited videos in SkyDrive easily.Windows Live Movie Maker is available on most of the operating systems (iOS and Android) for free.



Videolicious is available for free on iOS devices. It makes video editing very interesting by allowing us to play around with too many editing features such as merging photos to make a video with music. You can enhance the quality of the video by using one of its amazing features called cinematicfilters. The is available on App store.


Top 5 Applications for Making Video Calls for Free

Top 5 Applications for Making Video Calls for Free

Hi there, today we are going to talk about the top 5 video calling applications. The selected apps we have found are totally free for everyone. These video calling apps are the best solution for people who are far away from their loved ones, and these apps can also be used for business purpose such as video interview, video conference etc.

So, here are the following top 5 video calling apps.

  1. Facetime 


Facetime is very popular app for video calling available only on iOS devices. The app features video calling, audio and texting as well. Facetime only runs on WiFi network, so you can’t use the app while using your own mobile data. It is easily available on App Store. Now, users can download Facetime on Android device easily using any Android emulator.

  1. Skype


We cannot forget about the Skype when it comes to free video calling apps. Skype is the best example of social video calling and business video calling, where you can talk to a group of people simultaneously. It allows the users to make video calling with texting, and you can also send document files to the person on the other end. Skype also has cheap calling rates if you want to call mobile or landlines.

  1. Viber


Viber has a very attractive user interface, which provides more interesting features such as stickers, emoji etc. You can call anyone on Viber for free, and it also allows us to make video calls for free. The supports most of the operating systems, and easily available on Windows, iOS and Android.

  1. Google Hangouts


Google Hangouts is one the very popular video calling apps, which is available for most of the operating systems. The app allows you to make video calling same as Facetime. Besides the video calling, it also features texting and gmail conversation with other people. You can get the app from App Store and Google Play.

  1. Tango


Tango is also same as the above mentioned video calling apps. It also has texting and audio features, which are for free. We are telling you about this app because it also provide free video calling feature, so you can your family and friends for free. Tango is available on Google Play and App Store.

I hope you liked the article, and got the answer of your question. These are best application we managed to find. Please keep visiting us for more information and useful articles.