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Month: November 2016

What is Shareit? How does it work

What is Shareit? How does it work

ShareIt is an app for very fast transfer of files between your computer and mobile devices running under Android, iOS or Windows Phone. The only requirement is connected to the same local network to the device “seeing” and communicates with each other. Same configuration and data transfer is very fast and is a great way to ripping information.

From your Smartphone or tablet to your computer (each subsequent use of the program does not require the boot configuration, so that data transfer is actually may be faster than the anchoring device cable ; at least in the case of smaller files, eg. single images or songs).


How Does ShareIT Work

Although the application was created by Lenovo, one of the leading manufacturers of laptops and tablets, the program runs smoothly on the hardware of any brand. Importantly, there are also additional constraints stemming from the fact that we use the program on a device that has not been manufactured by Lenovo; ShareIt is simply a fully functional and independent application.

Shareit has very interesting, minimalist interface. The setup process is limited to a minimum usage and consists in identifying the recording folder of files, assigning the device name and selects an avatar that will represent them; to choose from several fun graphics.

The choice of an avatar is of considerable importance, if we assume that in the future we will transfer data between devices, which in our network will also deal: graphics help easily identify the appropriate device in the range to which we want to send the files.

Once the configuration is completed, the application interface consists mainly of two buttons: sending and receiving data. We need to choose the right to perform interesting us share.


If you send files and indicate the target device in range, whereas in the case of receiving, wait for the call is initiated from another device (eg. From an application on your smartphone).


An inseparable element of the program is its choice of smartphone, as it works with Ios, Android as well as Windows phone. Which is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone?